Claudia has many years experience teaching singing and is now based in both South London and the Stratford-upon-Avon area.

         Whatever your musical interests may be: classical, jazz, folk or pop, Claudia teaches the basic techniques of good singing, including breathing, sound production, extending the vocal range and clear articulation.

         The result is a technique that can easily be applied to any style.  Above all, students are encouraged to enjoy a vocal freedom, build their confidence and trust their voice.

         To make practicing between lessons simple, fun and as rewarding as possible students are given CDs of exercises that are easy to follow and have been specifically designed for the adult learner.

         But lessons are not just about learning technique!  Students are also taught a wide range of songs and, if they choose, can participate in duets and trios with other students and can join informal concerts and workshops set up throughout the year.

         For details of lesson fees, or to arrange a lesson please phone 07970 370 240; or alternatively send an email.

        Please note the minimum age for students is 16


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